I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with projecting onto films of fabric, like white cotton, alfoil and PVC, however I feel that I think I want to take a slightly different direction. I’ve got a whole lot of ideas floating around in my head and it’s about time to select one and roll with it, whilst still managing to incorporate all of the experiments I’ve completed after the last few weeks. 

Factors that I want to incorporate in my final film:

  • Projecting a film onto a ‘film’ of fabric
  • Exploring the use of PVC as a non-traditional textile ‘film’
  • Creating fashion out of the use of a ‘film’
  • Focusing on the definition that “a garment is a film of fashion that covers the body” and making a film that revolves around this

From this list of factors, I’ve thought about how I could potentially combine all of them and form a storyline which focuses on a garment. I want the film to be quite lighthearted and not a typical ‘fashion’ film, because I think those types of films are overrated. I almost want to make a film that laughs at fashion and the way we define it in our society. But not be too cynical at the same time.